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    Alright, I'm starting to get a little pissed off here, I ordered my Visor Deluxe on 8/6 and it was allegedly shipped out on 8/9, today is 8/16 it still hasn't arrived, that's a week it has been enroute, I don't know what kind of shipping they use but even USPS ground from California (I'm in Florida) only takes 3-4 days at most. I checked the order status online and the address they have is correct so any ideas why this is taking so damn long?!
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    Did you get a tracking number of the carrier delivering your Visor?

    That should narrow the finger pointing-- Handspring or the carrier (in that if HS gives you the carrier's tracking number, you can find out where it is...or isn't).

    Remember, with most reputable carriers, the tracking number is generated when the carrier has been notified to pick something up and deliver it (if the generation was done electronically); or it already has been picked up by the carrier.
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    I never received a tracking number. I don't care if it's the carriers fault, it's still Handsprings fault in my eyes; those bastards have the audacity to charge me over $11 for shipping and then ship with the cheapest SOB's they find, who don't even supply a tracking/confirmation numer? I certainly hope this isn't a preview of the level of service I can expect from HS in the future...
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    Unless they've changed, Handspring uses UPS for standard shipments and FedEx for express. Both of them do provide tracking numbers so I would start by contacting HS to see if one is available.

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    alright, I'll give 'em a call tommorow. Thanks,
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    Clearly States on Handspring's site that UPS Ground shipping is 3-8 Business Days. Since you are all the way in Florida, it will take the full 8 business days (from the date of shipment) to get to you. You should have ponied up the extra few bucks and get Express shipping. You would have received it the day after it was shipped out.
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    I am in a similar situation as the original poster, although I ordered my VDx on 8/9 and it shipped on 8/11 so I have not gotten it yet. (I just want it by the time school starts back on 8/28!) I have no problems waiting a few more days, but I echo the concern about there being no tracking number provided. All it says on the shipping page is "Shipped" -- wow, thanks a lot!

    I can't recall ever purchasing something on the internet, having shipped UPS, and *not* getting a tracking number automatically from the dealer. It couldn't be that hard for Handspring to add that feature to their web store. Or, it might be that Handspring is not using UPS; actually I had been assuming up to this point that Handspring was just using the good old-fashioned US postal service, which for standard mail uses no tracking numbers. (I *have* encountered this before from reputable online companies.)

    The upshot is, if you order something you simply have to be patient. The situation now is infinitely better than how it was back in November when people were waiting 6-8 *weeks* for their Visors rather than 5-8 working days.


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    Originally posted by BertBert:
    ...All it says on the shipping page is "Shipped" -- wow, thanks a lot! ...
    The shipping status info available on the website is not updated timely, and is woefully inadequate anyway. Best bet is to call customer service.
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    Now HERE's something interesting that is good news for all involved in this thread. This convinces me that Handspring employees are really among us in secret.

    I was checking back in on this thread, and decided, what the heck, I'll go to and check on my order. So I clicked on the "Order Status" bar, entered in my info, and a page popped up with my order and said "Shipped", like usual.

    But then it got interesting: I clicked on "View Order" and lo and behold, there is now a tab next to the usual invoice statement that says "Tracking Information"! And sure enough, you click on that tab and up pops the UPS tracking number, and you can copy it and run off to and track your order.

    Thanks, Handspring, wherever you are, for getting the ball rolling on this! Kinda wierd, huh?

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    The tracking number has been there all along. People are just lazy to look around. I was able to get my tracking number from the site in June when I placed my order for an ice deluxe.
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    Oh well, count me in as lazy, or unattentive, or both. At any rate I am glad the tracking info is there. Now if I can only figure out why I didn't get it yesterday when the UPS page says it was delivered yesterday...


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    If UPS says it was delivered and you don't have it, it was probably stollen from your front door. The only other possibility is that either someone else in your house recieved it and forgot to tell you.

    This happened to me and it took 4 weeks on the phone with both Handspring and UPS to get me a new one.

    You had better get on the phone to Handspring right now. And don't take any crap from the operators, most are not helpfull. Talk to a supervisor and get his/her name. From that point on, only talk to the supervisor.

    Also keep checking every few days until you get your replacement no matter what Handspring Customer Service people say or promise. They 'forgot' about my first two calls and as a result the UPS trace did not start for two weeks.

    Write down everybody's name and phone number that you talk to. Be assertive and not aggressive. If you get an jerk, just say that you want to "escalate" this to their supervisor. This word is key: Operators get into trouble if they get too many escalations.

    Hope this helps.
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    I thought that I had posted this reply on Friday, but I guess it didn't make it up. Anyway, all that happened with the Visor shipment (UPS said it was delivered but I got no notice of its arrival) was that my apartment office staff failed to notify me that the package was in. It was in the complex office all along, right when UPS said it was delivered. (My wife also had two packages that had been sitting in the office for who-knows-how-long... strangely, it didn't seem to faze the office staff that it might be a cool idea to tell people when their packages arrive. Sigh... par for the course for this place, unfortunately.)

    I will echo MPM's advice though, should a delivery get stolen. This actually *did* happen to me recently with an order from L.L. Bean, at a different apartment complex where UPS deliveries came to the doorstep rather than to the apartment office. After checking and re-checking with UPS to make sure the package was delivered, I had to contact LL Bean and sheepishly ask for a replacement.

    Forunately, LL Bean's legendary customer service was happy to oblige, and I had a replacement within the week. For companies whose customer service may be a little less legendary, courteous assertiveness is the key. And if you live in an apartment complex, specify to UPS that they should deliver it to the complex office and not to your doorstep. Offices may have dopey staff workers like mine, but at least the offices are reasonably secure and you have to sign out to pick up a package.

    The Visor is great, btw... I am upgrading from a Palm IIIx and it's definitely worth it.

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    UPS, is not a reliable courier company. UPS doesn't always scan their packages before shipping and causes many problems for the consumer. I'm sorry, to hear that the package was stolen. I suggest you call UPS and file a claim. Unfortunately, Handspring is really not in a position to help you. The package was not signed and it's. UPS IS RESPONSIBLE. I know, that is hard to believe but I'm sure that you already know that. What they can do for you? Is help the process and that could take weeks.

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    You have a point there Batman. (I'm not sure if I felt like RObin or Commissioner Gordon after typing that.) I had the same issue with my first replacement. But this time, its with FedEx. They claimed that they already delivered it, but i didn't get anything, and these things require a signature. When they checked their system, it was released without a signature. i had to file two claims on both FedEx and handspring. I bugged FedEx everyday for 10 days until they gave up and paid for the unit. It was then that handspring sent me another unit. It took around 24 days for me to get my first replacement! Talk about horrible service!

    All is well now and I try not to hold a grudge against FedEx or UPS but.... as the saying goes,Once bitten, twice shy.
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    Originally posted by perze_a
    ...They claimed that they already delivered it, but i didn't get anything, and these things require a signature. When they checked their system, it was released without a signature...
    Quote trimmed.

    To add to the story of my stolen Visor...When Handspring did finally send me a replacement they sent it FedEx Overnight. They left a message on my answering machine telling me this and gave ma a tracking number. That evening I checked FedEx's web site and it clearly stated that they required a signature for delivery and that they would NOT accept a handwritten note on you door stating that it was ok to leave the package. To do this they said you had to fill out the back of the note that they left on the first delivery attempt to get them to leave it on the next attempt.

    So I thought, great, they will not leave it in the open, so it will not get stollen again, and I'll just call after the first attempt, have them hold the package, and I'll pick it up the next day at their facility - it was very close by.

    BUT, when I got home that day - my Visor was sitting on my porch! They left it without a signature!

    I checked their tracking web site and sure enough, it said something like 'delivered, no signature required, waiver on file'.

    What waiver? Then I remembed that I had filled out one of those waivers on a delevery attempt form about SIX years ago! They kept it on file!

    I was pissed because I did NOT want them to leave it. Fortunately it was not stollen.

    perze_a: This could be why they left your Visor without a signature.

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