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    Hey everyone,
    I finally took the plunge and purchased a Blue Visor Deluxe today. However, I have two problems that irked me. First of all, the power button seems to be acting flakey..if I don't press it for more than a quick press of the button it doesn't always respond. Secondly, it appears as if I "might" have the DRAM problem. Seeing as I just forked out $250 and would prefer a non-defective unit I may return this to Staples tomorrow and order one direct from Handspring.

    There is where my question is.. If I do order one from HS directly, is there any chance of receiving a unit with the memory issue?

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    I am assuming that the current shipments do not have the 8MB DRAM issue (it says shipments between Jan and June):

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    As for the power button remember pressing the power button for 2 seconds enables the backligh 9which is hard to see if it is not real dark out) could this be your problem?

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    You should not have the DRAM problem in your direct-from-HS visor.

    As a side note, I actually purchased my first HSVD from Best Buy, found that it had the DRAM bug, and then called HS and asked if I could return it for a replacement. They did this with no questions asked, and I now have a Visor without the DRAM bug...

    I had thought that HS wouldn't replace Visors sold through retail channels, but I guess I proved myself wrong!
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    Not entirely true, at least in my case

    I ordered my Visor Deluxe on the 17/07/2000 direct from Handspring for a UK sale recieved it on the 20/07/2000

    It arrived with the metal stylus but also the DRAM bug fortunately the patch was out before I really found out, and I have no idea what battery life would have been like cos I never had it long enough...

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