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    I have had a Visor since November, and I love it. However, I recently noticed a minor problem with the power switch. I sent an e-mail to Handspring, and here is what happened.

    1. I had a reply within a few hours--offering to send a new unit.
    2. The new unit arrived three days later, FedX shipping prepaid, and with a box and return authorization included for returning the old unit.
    3. I had a question during the process of transferring my old information to the new Visor and I called Tech Support. The wait was less than ONE MINUTE, and I received prompt and very competent help.

    Way to go, Handspring! This level of support should be a model for the industry.

    David Huwiler
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    Whaddaya know... Donna Dubinsky (Handspring CEO) really DOES respond to e-mail -- and promptly too!

    She promised to light a fire under [my words ] the customer service reps who claimed they were unable to give me specific information about whether my VDX had shipped yet.

    Truth be told, I really shouldn't be all THAT impressed -- you have to view the 'CEO' title with the proper perspective when you're dealing with these smallish tech firms: revenues notwithstanding, we're talking about a total staff of what -- 100?

    Anyway, it's good to know she's in tune with the customers though, what with her busy schedule, appearing on MSNBC and the like...

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