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    Hi ALl,

    How much does the GVD cost in CAN$$ for those people in Canada that recently ordered them? I was just wondering as I was one of the first to get them last year and Customs charged me nearly CAN$60/- for duty. I hear this might be different now. Can someone give me the total price after taxes and (duty if any) ?
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    I paid $295 US including shipping and tax. But I haven't received mine yet.
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    Thanks for the reply. When did you order? And which province are you from? I just ordered yesterday from Ottawa, Ontario. Just wondered if I might have to pay duty again at the CanadaPost office when I pick up my Visor Deluxe package.
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    Originally posted by Traveller:
    ...the total price after taxes and (duty if any)
    Geez... whatever happened to NAFTA?

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    You have to pay duty if the product is not made in the USA. That's what happened to NAFTA.
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    Although legal (I think), it is unusual for Customs to charge duty on items like these even though they aren't made in the US. Indeed, even if you buy a foreign product from a US store you still usually don't pay duty.

    You may be thinking about GST (+/- PST). I didn't think there were any brokerage fees. Lessee. US$250=CAD$375. 15% of $375 = CAD$56. So $60 sounds about right, if you were charged both GST and PST.

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