Well, topic says it (almost) all. I'm searching for a treo 600 seller who lives in the EU or someone who is gonna visit the EU.
I'm searching for a treo 600 and I want to pay 350$ for it, but if I buy it outside the eu, I have to pay 21 % taxes and the package is stuck in the douane for a while.
So I'm searching someone who lives within the EU who sells his treo for this price or someone who is coming to the EU. If you visit the EU you can take your treo with you and you can send it to me from within the EU. Or if you come to belgium we can meet in person and I can pay you cash.
I know this is pretty complicated and I haven't got much hope that someone will do this.
But if you don't try, you don't win (dutch saying).

You can contact me on my e mail adres (adriaancoppens@telenet.be)