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    Well, I've got a GVD, and I've had to replace it once, and now, the replacement is having trouble HotSyncing... I've gotten no response from tech. support... All I get is "I'm going to have 'second tier' Tech Support call you and they'll be able to tell you what's wrong..." - I've ended up calling them because they didn't call me, and now "they're going to call me tomorrow" - Does Handspring accept returns for refunds? In other words, can I return my Visor and just get my money back? I've had it with the lousy customer service and bad products. I'm not saying they're all bad, it's just that I haven't had much luck with them...
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    don't think they will just give you a refund but you might as well try if you are that dissatisfied...
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    There is no refund if you have had the unit more than 30 Days. They have a 30-day Money back guarantee, after that you are stuck with the unit.
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    I had to return my original Visor deluxe ordered in September and received in November because of a cracked case about three months ago. I've been through 5 replacements since then, everyone being defective in one way or another! I finally gave up and asked for a refund for the Visor, Tiger Woods, Backup Module and Leather case. They very graciously agreed to provide a full refund for everything. It's obviously worth a try, and of course it helps to have all the associated paper work.

    Good luck!

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