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    I was wondering how quickly on average HandSpring sends out their units.

    I ordered my BVD on May 22nd with Express Shipping, and now it is May 26th and the unit still has not been shipped.

    I would expect that when someone wants to spend the extra cash for the Express Shipping that they would actualy make it worth spending the money.
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    I placed my first order on 21 May. The following day (Monday), my credit card company called stating they had declined the order. They flagged the order due to the fact it was ordered via the web and wanted to ensure I placed the order (at least I feel a bit safer). They informed me to place the order again and it would be accepted. Placed the order about 0830 that morning with express shipping; received my unit yesterday (25 May). Credit card company also ensured me that I will not be charged twice, let's hope thats true!!
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    Hmmm, my card was billed on the 23rd (Well actualy it was a debit card, so the money was taken and it specificaly says on the second e-mail that you recive from Handspring that "Your card will not be charged untill your order is shipped".

    This sort of makes me mad, as the money is obviously gone, and the unit has yet to be shipped.
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    I ordered mine and the backup module on Tuesday the 23d and received them on Friday the 26th.
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    My wife ordered a Graphite Visor Deluxe on Monday 6/5, Handspring said it would ship in a week, It arrived on Thursday 6/7 (meaning it shipped on 6/6, I assume).

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