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    I recently ordered a GVD for my wife. We received it about three weeks ago, but due to moving to a new house and other things, we didn't actually open the box until this past week.

    I was pleasantly surprised to find a premium metal stylus (normally sold separately as a 5 pack) as the standard stylus. Looks like HS is listening to user feedback (or they just ran out of the cheap plastic ones).
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    The GVX I received on May 5 was also shipped with a premium metal stylus. The replacement GVX I received on May 11 was shipped with a plastic stylus. I returned the plastic stylus with the original GVX (which was returned because the top right corner of the screen was moving down approx. 1 mm when pushed with a stylus).

    Customer service was very responsive, the new toll free number was great, the GVX replacement was new. All in all, a happy experience.
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    I recently ordered another VDX and emailed Handspring about this issue. They told me some ship with plastic styli and some with metal ones. Isn't that random?
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    They told me some ship with plastic styli and some with metal ones.
    I REALLY wish they'd get their act together. That is just idiotic.
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    I ordered my Visor Deluxe (Charcoal) on a Thursday and got it the next Monday. It came with a metal stylus. I had no idea it was the premium piece. It is awfully cool, though...
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    And to add--

    When I got my first GVD earlier this month, it came with the metal stylus.

    When I had to send it back two days later, the replacement unit I was shipped also came with the metal stylus. I've never seen the plastic ones (tho-- if I could pick up some of the plastic ones you're not using, I'd take 'em-- as backups for whenever I misplace the good one :-)
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    Well, handspring must have gotten there act together concerning the shipping problem!! I ordered mine on Monday and received it today (25 May 00). And yes, it did ship with a metal stylus.

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