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    When will HandSpring start selling Visors in the United Kingdom? And, will people from Norway and Germany for example be able to order from there.. or will they also have the same damn shipping policies?

    Ronny Salomonsen,
    Feline Medias
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    Handspring UK are now taking orders for the Visor. -I've just placed my order now for a Blue Visor Deluxe, UK price 204.72 inc. postage.
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    UK price 204.72 inc. postage.
    Which, IMHO, is too much, when compared against the Palms currently available in the UK.

    Handspring do their comparisons against the Palm IIIxe (8Mb), but we only get the Palm IIIx (2Mb).

    This hasn't stopped me putting my order in for a graphite deluxe, of course

    Jim Nurcombe
    (Gloucester, UK)
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    Desperately seeking......

    Are there any retailers of visor in Denmark or Scandinavia??

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