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    I have had my VDX since the first of January, and it has worked flawlessly. But last Saturday, I was taking it out of the black slipcase to drop it in my pocket, to take up less room, and it slipped from my butterfingers and fell to the hardwood floor. It was a drop of about 2 feet, maybe a bit more. It looked OK, and the screen showed everything it was supposed to, but the "touch" was gone. My stylus tapping the screen did absolutely nothing.

    I was more than a bit chagrined that it was that susceptible to physical damage, and I was going to be LOST without my constant companion.

    I called HS on Saturday. They said that a replacement screen was $75, but that since I had previously had no problems with my Visor, they would offer me a free, one-time replacement. I would get my new one by the end of the next week. When I called on Monday to get the shipping address changed, they said that their computers were down and I would be delayed an additional week. I was bummed!!

    But on Wednesday, it arrived. It looks new to me. No scratches, no creaking, no ill fitting covers. It is new from everything that I can tell. Backup Buddy reloaded everything and I was up and running. I don't know the difference between the "gold" and "green" screens. All I know is that it looks new, acts new, and arrived faster than they promised, and I expected.


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    Larry I had the exact same thing happen to me. Dropped 2 feet when it slipped out of my hand. Their computer was down also.
    In less then 1 week I had a new replacement visor deluxe and they paid shipping both ways!

    Way to go Handspring and Thank You very much
    for the great service that is well beyong the call of service. Especially when I was at fault.

    My only wish is some kind of hand starp that could be atached to the visor so I could hang on to it as I pull it from its case.
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    Wow! I'm glad to read some positive messages about the turnaround time on replacing Visors.

    I'm the process of exchanging off the phone with HS this morning (5/5) to arrange the exchange of my new Visor Deluxe Graphite-- like someone else here, mine would no longer turn on-- zip, nada. I'm hoping for a positive experience on this exchange!

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    And today (5/10-- Happy Birthday Joanie!), my replacement arrived, right on schedule.

    2 hours later (backing up, installing, installing some more, testing), it be good!
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    I left my Visor Deluxe on top of my car and drove off....when i realized what i had done, i went back and found was smashed severely...i called handspring, they said they would send me a new one free of charge and paid shipping both ways. I was shocked. I made sure they knew that it was OK when i got it and that I broke it...they said no prob we'll send you a new one.... I got the new one in 4 days.....i am VERY IMPRESSED WITH THE CUSTOMER SERVICE AND TURNAROUND TIME
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    On 2000 April 19th, I went to slip my Visor into my pocket, it missed and hit the floor.

    The glass behind the screen now looked like a map, with roads, freeways, suburbs and railroads all shown. The screen still displayed but the digitizer was dead.

    So I looked up the Handspring website to get the phone number. There were two numbers, so I made a best guess as to which one would be the right one to report a bust. I called with my phone card, which had 40 minutes on it.

    I was told that was the wrong number, call the other.

    I called the other, and was told their computer was down, I could try back the next day or email them.

    I looked on the website but could not find an email address.

    Next day I called again and the computer was up. The worker took my name and all, said they'd send a new one right out. In all of this, all the Handspring staff were just as nice as they could be, and I was not on hold any great amount of time.

    I waited a week but no new unit, so I called again. The worker said they were back ordered, but my unit would be sent in 3 days. I thought perhaps I could remember all my coming appointments with no problem till I got it.

    Another week went by so I called again just to check the status. The worker said it was set to be sent, but hadn't been and he didn't know why. During this week, I missed a homeowner's association meeting and a church assignment.

    A third week went by, and I called again. Same story, the worker did not know why my unit had not been sent but he would make sure it got sent. During this week I had missed three appointments, so I got out my old appointment book. At one point I would have liked very much to have had a calculator, but I didn't.

    A fourth week went by. Called again, same story, they don't know why it was not sent out. I told them I was going to post to some of the newsgroups. The worker, to his credit, said I was free to do that if I felt I must, so I gave them a couple of more days before I did.

    I used up the phone card, fortunately they now have a toll free number. I hope that bodes well for other good changes.

    Don't throw away your paper daytimer. I sort of feel like I threw away my $280.

    Woody Brison

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    The day that I posted that, Handspring was dutifully sending out my new unit. The Fedex guy tried to deliver the next day but I wasn't home. Ditto the next day. Next day after that, my wife was home and the new Visor is now in my pocket.

    Handspring should not be blamed much. A backorder is normal; and computer glitches are normal. I feel like they have honored their commitment on replacement close enough. They even gave me new batteries and a new stylus (not the little plastic thing they used to ship but a real one with steel shaft, plastic tip and flag)

    Woody Brison

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    This morning I dropped my Visor Deluxe and broke the screen. I'm devastated. The unit fell less than two feet and the screen has a diagonal crack. The unit still seems to work(I can press the application buttons and the applications come up) but I can't write on the screen with the stylus.

    I called Handspring and they said it would cost $85 plus shipping to get it fixed. Afterwards, I logged on here and read posts where people got a new Visor free. I'm confused. Did you get a free visor temporarily while they are fixing your broken visor but you still have to pay $85 when you get your fixed visor back? Or, did you just return your broken visor and get a free new one?

    I wrote Handspring and told them about what I read on this Visorcentral discussion board. I asked why I would pay $85 when others who dropped their visors got a new one for free. I'll keep you posted on their response. Thanks.
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    Handspring just started charging for cracked screens about a week ago. They were replacing them free in the past because they did not have the systems set up to charge. The cost is just $85. You will only be charged for shipping if you want the replacement overnight. What usually happens is that they send you a replacement unit with a way bill for you to send back the cracked unit. This usually takes about a week and is free of charge (you still pay $85 for the crack screen though).

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