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    Just wanted to say that HS came through again. I recently dropped my Visor and the screen cracked. I called them up and told them the story, thinking that I would have to pay for a replacement screen since they were no longer responsible for replacing/ repairing my Visor according to the warranty.
    Wrong! They shipped me out a new unit (and informed me that they would soon be charging $85 for that repair). I talked to them late Saturday afternoon (April 29th), and the unit was here this Tuesday (May 9th). This is the third Visor I've had, and like the other two it came out of the box in perfect shape!
    Kudos to the Handspring staff. I don't know if they are trying to make up for past mistakes by being really effective in their customer service now, all I know is that I like it!
    Michael Walters
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    I agree... I've found the customer service representatives very helpful and the response time was immediate.

    However, the quality of two VDx's sent to me are questionable. Both had cracked cases, both in different places.

    Needless to say, I wasn't about to call for a fourth Visor, so I took out my trusty screwdriver and turned two bad units into one good Visor.

    If this one breaks, I'll go to Graphite.

    Handspring gets high marks for effort, but only a medium to low grade for results.

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