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    Does anyone know when the visor will arrive here in Norway? I've heard it has begun coming in the rest of europe, but no one knows when it will come here!
    If no one knows, do you know how i can contact handspring (e-mail)?
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    You may want to visit Handspring's European site at I am sure that you will find contact information there.
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    Nope... no info there!

    Be water my friend! =)
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    You could always check eBay. (I hope Handspring's including Scandinavia in their European launch!)

    from, your loving Swedish/Norwegian kin...
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    I checked the euro site and Norway is not listed - if anyone from Handspring is reading this: take note ; we want to buy Visors in Norway. Like ; we'll say that again ( just in case you didn't hear ) - we want Visors in NORWAY

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