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    it is in fact a never ending story,

    since eight month I tried desperately to get/order a visor.
    But first it wasn't possible to ship to europe. So I tried to get it with the help of some friend in Canada, but handspring unfortunately already stopped shipping to canada after a few weeks. Then they had those ridiculous shipping problems in the U.S..
    3 weeks ago they finally announced shipping in Europe, so immediately ordered 2 Visors Deluxe. I waited two weeks and phoned them today, but they seem to have the same problems in europe now as they had in the states. Actually only the blue visors are ready for delivery.
    It is absolutely riciulous.
    I realy wish that I had bought a palm V or IIIx eight months ago!!!

    Uli Schoof
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    What can I say except that I feel your pain. I have been waiting since November to order one. I decided to wait for all of the shipping problems to be resoved before I ordered and then they stopped shipping to Canada.

    But for some reason I find the Visor to be so much better then the comparible Palm that I'm still waiting.

    I hope they will get their problems sorted out soon and we will all be able to order one.

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