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    I have been trying to find a way to get a visor deluxe in Canada. The handspring site ships to the U.S. and now to all of Europe but they still do not ship to Canada. Are there any third party vendors at this point that do ship to Canada? How can I get one?

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    You can buy any Visor or accessory in Canada from They arelocated in Toronro Canada. Its a looks a little expensive at first glance. But when you count all the shipping charges and duties you would pay to get it to be shipped to you from the states, its well worth the price.
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    Why don't you just buy one from
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    Wiggy: does not sell visors yet. Speaking of which, I can't believe that VisorCentral is charging $14.00+ to ship to Canada priority Mail. That sucks. When I bought my rhodiana case I spent only 7 bucks for shipping.
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    In a related matter, for those who purchased a visior in the US and brought it back in to Canada, did you pay any duty? How much?

    I wonder if one should pay as it is not offically available in Canada as such a US purchase is not competing with Canadain retailers.

    Seriously considering driving down to the US to get one, as it seems that Canada is very low on the list of international sites.
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    When I bought my Visor Deluxe originally through Handspring in November, I paid the $250 US, which is about $375 CDN. I also bought a serial cradle. Anyway, there was no duty, but PST and GST were applied through FEDEX. That came out to almost $60 CDN.
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    There is no "Duty" on computers including handheld devices and Visors.

    You will pay GST or HST, whichever applies in your province. You may pay PST, if it applies in your province and if the Feds have an agreement to collect it.

    There will also be Brokerage charges assessed by the importer. Be careful on this one. If you bring at across the border yourself its no problem. UPS or Fedex usually don't charge brokerage on Air shipments but do charge it on Ground shipments. Handspring sent my Visor by Ground rather than Air as I requested. UPS charged me about $40 extra in brokerage fees. Handspring refunded this to me, but beware.
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    I would have never thought to hear the word Canada here. I'm in Canada myself, and i'm just planing on going to L.A. in the summer and pick one up in the retail store. I hope they have visor's in stock!

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