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    I want to buy a case, a good one, but not off the net, I need to really have it in my hands, try it out. That is one thing that I don't want to get on the net, it's kind of like buying clothes, you really need to try it on. But, all the ones I know about, are only on the web. Is there any where I can buy a case in person? Please, someone help me.
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    Your profile says you're in Irvine.

    I'm going to make a great leap of judgment and presume you're in Irvine, CA. If so, you have a number of places where you can get some hands-on experience with various cases for PalmOS and PalmOS devices (including those that may actually work well with the Visor-- you never know).

    First on the list of Fry's Electronics. Don't know where they are? Pick up any L.A. Times newspaper (I don't know if they advertise in the OC Register). They usually have ads in the main, sports, and/or business sections. On some days, they have have their _own_ section (I think Sundays-- someone who's in the area I'm sure will correct me).

    Next is Best Buy. Then, there's Staples, OfficeMax and OfficeDepot.

    The key in these retail outlets is to look for cases advertised for Palm or PDA devices as well as those for CD players, digital cameras or handheld games (Gameboy). You're not gonna be able to find ones like Rhinoskin or other PalmOS/Visor-favorites in retail stores (except, perhaps, the Handspring cases at Staples and other Visor-retail outlets).

    But the cases made by Targus and other less-famed brands will be there. And a few of the 3Com Palm cases might fit.

    However, if you're H***-bend on getting, say, a Devian, Otter Box, Rhinoskin, E&B, or Rhodiana, you are gonna have to "feel via the web" or find someone close by that has one (like gathering at a User's Group meeting).

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    Robonerd, you may want to check out one more source/store. Sharon Luggage if you have one where you are. It's a luggage/travel store/executive pen & gadget place.

    They carry two excellent choices. The first is a leather zip up case by Kenneth Cole. The Visor slips into a kind a sleeve on one side of the inside of the case. There is a cut out for the buttons and allows the Visor to be removed VERY easily for HotSync'ing. The leather is excellent quality and it runs in the $35 range I think... but I can't remember.

    The second is one that a lot of people have, its the leather zip case with slip sleeve from Fossil (it's just like the K. Cole case but the slip sleeve IMHO is of lesser quality and is looser.

    [The K. Cole case is better constructed and holds your VDX in with a little more security.] This case is also small and compact and an excellent choice. It runs for like $28. And if you like it, you can also buy it online at the Fossil website w/free shipping. (Although, it seems to me that if you like it, you should buy it in the Sharon Luggage store. I know I'll get flamed for even suggesting that you should buy it in the store instead of online so as not to take advantage of the "hands on" experience... )

    Good luck! (please report back as to what you choose and it's price for everyone if you would!)

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