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    I was just told by Debbie, a CSR at the Handspring Customer Care Center that:

    1. they hope to have a real toll-free number
    for Customer Care operational tomorrow (she
    couldn't give out the number). About time!

    2. the accounting department at Handspring
    recently sent a blanket form letter to every customer who has ever had a Visor replaced, indicating that "our Service Center does not have a record of receiving the unit" and threatening "if Handspring does not receive the defective unit withing 14 days...we will assume you do not intend to
    return the unit and will charge you accordingly"

    I returned my Visor, and have the USPS delivery confirmation number to prove it, so
    it was a relatively easy matter for Debbie
    to "pass along to accounting".

    My questions are, have others who have
    sent broken Visors in for replacement gotten
    this letter? Are there people who have
    sent back broken units who can't prove it?
    Are Handspring's customer records so FUBARed that they have to resort to this kind of blanket bullying tactic to find missing merchandise?
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    I think most of these letters stem from replacements they were shipping out when handspring was in a mess. As far as I know, Handspring can account for returned units if the unit was returned in a box with the Return Number. It would be interesting to see if other folks who received replacement got letters as well.

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