The following is a summary of all my dealings with Handspring. I don't believe I have ever had to expend so much of my personal time towards resolving a problem due to the incompetence of a company.
On January 13ish, I sent my Visor Deluxe back for repair of a broken LCD display. Received RMA# and quote of 7 ~ 10 day turnaround time. After 13 days, I called and was told it was "In the mail" via FedEx. This happened four more times over the next 12 days with multiple promises. Eventually, Errors Correct representative told me it would ship that day for sure. No one could ever give me a Tracking #??? A few days later, still no Visor. Finally, I told them to keep the product and credit my account. Since then, I have received, and sent back, 2 new Visor Deluxes. Handspring received the second unit and after nine days I finally received my credit. This credit did not include the interest that I paid for the few months that my Visor was being held captive in Kentucky. Everyone seemed sorry but I think they could care less. My brother sent his palm IIIx back for an LCD repair and received a refurbished one in TWO days. I suggested that as compensation for all my troubles, Handspring could send me a new Visor at their expense. This didn't sound like it was going to happen but two weeks later after all seemed resolved, I received another Visor Deluxe. I assumed it was compensation for all my troubles.
Yesterday, 5/4, I received an E-mail looking for the Visor that was sent to me. It's in a box and on it's way back to Kentucky.
My Palm VX is the best! I only wish I would have started with it rather than the Visor.