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    Ordered a dlx yesterday morning, hadn't received e-mail confirmation of the order by this morning so went on-line to check the order status.

    Handspring site couldn't find my order, so I rang Customer Services and they can't find my order either.

    I'm still waiting for them to ring me back.

    Jim Nurcombe
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    My order now appears to have turned up, but it now looks like I have an order for two, when I only ordered one.

    It looks like HandSpring are going through the same teething troubles as when they released in the US.

    You would have thought they'd have learnt their lesson.

    Jim Nurcombe
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    Executive summary: Handspring have started learned from their mistakes.

    More generally:

    I'm living in the UK (Cambridge, to be precise). I've had a visor for about two months, courtesy of my cousin in the US. Unfortunately, I didn't read the small print and thought that an extra USB cradle was just the thing for my USB-equipped PC at work... running NT4. Whoops! OK, so I need a serial cradle.

    So the other day when I saw that Handspring were now shipping in Europe, I immediately hit the site and ordered a serial cradle and a new case (what the heck). OK, fine. That was Tuesday afternoon. The shipping operation seems to be based out of the Netherlands, so I figured it could be a while. I print out my receipt and get settled for a long wait.

    Yesterday afternoon, I still haven't had the "email within 24 hours confirming your order". Uh-oh. Sounds like the European operation is having the same problems the US one did....

    ... or maybe not. Although I didn't get a confirmation email, I _did_ get the package. Within 48 hours of my order. Sorted!

    So: the news from Handspring Europe is not all bad. Certainly, my experience was pretty much A-OK.



    PS: I note with interest that the packaging for the cradle has - as well as English and German on it - Japanese text. Handspring Japan rolling out soon or what?

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    Yahaaaay! I am a vey happy bunny.

    My visor arrived yesterday, two days after I ordered it. BWILLIANT.

    First impresions are: it's better than I was expecting!!!

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