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    Well over a week ago, I ordered a handspring modem for my Visor. I don't really want the oversized, 33.6 modem(is this 1986?), but since Xircom and Innogear are taking forever to get their products ready, I was forced to order the Handspring modem. Says 1 week to process (what the heck is that about?) and I selected express shipping. Should be here. I emailed Handspring and got a "On its way" reply. Just called Handspring. It's on backorder. They don't know when they'll be in stock. They couldn't tell me anything. How much you want to bet they still charge me for "express" shipping?

    And I was just starting to get over the Windows 2000/USB debacle, 2 dead cradles (one serial, one USB) that took surprisingly long periods of time to replace, and their original shipping delay on my original Visor.

    If the modem isn't here by next week, I'm getting a Palm and telling all the people that I told how nifty and better the Visor was that I was completely mistaken.

    Rick Dickens
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    I suppose you want Innogear and Xircom to sell us defective products. How comes folks these those are so impatient. As teh saying goes "Good things come to those who wait."

    If you think that handspring and the visor module developers are slow, perhaps you should indeed get a palm. I am sure there are loads od add-ons available *sarcasm*
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    Check you local Handspring retailer. The CompUSA near me seems to always have the HS modem in stock.

    MarkEagle - Ice is nice!
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    I, too, can not understand why it takes a WEEk to ship a product!

    When I order online, and if the product is in stock, it usually ships that day, or, at the latest, the next day.

    They must send the orders from the ordering center to the warehouse via donkey or something.

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    HandSpring hypes vaporware SpringBoards every opportunity it gets. It's perfectly reasonable for Visor owners to expect more SpringBoards to be available by now. HandSpring should stop marketing the Visor as if there are tons of SpringBoards avaialble.

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