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    Has anyone found a price at one the retail outlets (online or at a store) that simply stood out as the best deal? I'm about to do some shopping this weekend for the best deal, and any heads up info would certainly save me a bit of gas!

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    I believe that all stores, online or not, have to price the Visor the same. $179 for basic and $249 for deluxe.
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    I found that the Visor with the addtional serial modem is $10 cheaper online as a package deal. All the other Handspring products were the same price at BestBuy this last weekend.

    Ordering the Visor Deluxe and modem turned out to be cheaper online even with next day delivery vs. paying tax. I ordered it last Thursday and got it today.
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    Luckychuck, I thought that all handpsring products sold for the same everywhere, but I recently went to my local Staples and they had all the products a little cheaper. For example, the deluxe was $236.99 and the backup was $37.99.

    What's weird is, from other responses on visorcentral, Staples in other parts of the country had the "regular" prices. I have no idea what's up.
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    Thanks for the tips.

    If the visor is like most other retail products, they simply sell the product wholesale to the retailer, and may impose some restrictions on prices.

    Typically, the retailer can set the prices lower than the manufacturer simply to prevent the manufacturer from competing too much with their own retailers.

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    Tonight I went to 3 stores to pick up a visor:

    CompUSA, Office Max and Circuit City.

    What a sorry bunch of stores. CompUSA was the only one that actually had the visors and a selection of Palm Pilots. And, as usual, they had no clue as to what they were talking about.

    Circuit City had one Palm Pilot and the sales person said that they won't be selling those "Palm Pilot Clones" when I asked about the visor.

    Office Max, the always-blindingly-lit-with-flourescent-lighting-store had two palms that were dropped a few too many times on the floor.

    So, I've learned that there are no good retail deals. It's such a nightmare to have to deal with these stores...
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    Homer, the only stores that I was aware of that was selling the visor are Staples, Best Buy, and CompUSA. I don't think any of the other stores you mentioned would have them. If you're like me, it's cheaper for me to buy them from Staples because:

    1) The one near me has cheaper prices than the usual retail prices.
    2) I live in CA which means buying from Handspring's website, I pay CA tax and S&H.

    You should try Staples if there is one near you. Just head to their website and use their store locator function.

    Good luck!

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