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    Well, I've just placed order for my second Visor (a Solo for the wife + new Styli). The ordering process went fairly smooth this time (knock on wood) but I am a bit discouraged in that they say it takes "1 week" to ship the product even though everything is in stock. Pretty much any other product I order of the web ships that very day.

    Things are getting better over there, but it seems that they could still improve on a few things in their shipping dept.

    Is everyone actually having to wait a week to get their products, or is this just a disclaimer to protect them from running out of stock at times?

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    I also ordered a second visor for my wife. I ordered it late last Thursday (4/20) afternoon and received it yesterday (4/26). I had it shipped express mail. Anyway, if you look at it, that was only 4 business days (6 altogether, but the Handspring site specifically says not Sat. delivery available). That really isn't too bad at all.

    Have Visor Will Travel!

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