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    All right last week my VDlx got dropped from about five feet by someone who was in a rush, careless, and unknowing that the visor was sitting on top of the item grabbed(I'm not saying its me, but someone I'm familiar with)

    As soon as the event happened I checked my visor, zero, nada, nothing!!! It would not turn on or do anything. After multiple explitives I called up Handspring and the CSR was very kind and gave me an RMA # and sent out a new unit.

    The unit arrived FedEx yesterday,(they sent it out next day standard!!) And the unit, I can't tell if it is reconditioned or new, is built even better than my old one which I got in October. There isn't any noticable movement or squeek of pastic if I grip on the sides. The battery cover is super secure. The unit itself just seems sturdier. With my first on I could detect a bit of screen wiggle, well not here on the new one.

    Next action...I don't synch to a computer because I'm a college student without his own computer. So I bought a backup springboard a month ago. Well it came in handy and worked like a charm. I inserted it in to the new unit and bam. It asked if i really wanted to write over everything on the new unit since the information came from another visor. I said yes....information transfered!

    So all i have to say is I'm impressed, pleased, and elated at how Handspring has made up for some past termoil and really delivered on its promise to give a great product, super service, and everything else that made us pick Handspring over the other pda's

    Long live Handspring, they just got a long time user!!!!
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    Dude be extra careful with your replacement when you receive. handspring will be charging a fee... i believe its $75...for cracked displays soon

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