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    I purchased two Visor Plus units in January. The Green Visor died after replacing the batteries. Handspring replaced it.
    The Blue Visor came with a defective Calander button so we had have it replaced also. The sync cradle for the Blue Visor died a couple of weeks ago and it has been replaced. And now we are getting Fatal Errors on the replacement Blue Visor.

    Does any know if Handspring will take Visors back and refund the purchase price when I have had so many problems? With so many problems in just 4 months it would seem that these units will become expensive paperweights after the warrantee is up.
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    It seems you just have bad luck. Many of us had our visors for months without a hitch.

    To answer your question. I don't think you will be able to get a refund now, but you can call Handspring CS and see if there is anything that can be done because of your situation.
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    Sorry that you have had your problems. I have had no problems with mine, and HS was very good about exchanging mine when I dropped it at no charge.

    I am sure that they will exchange yours again, but if you are tired of that, you might want to try for a refund. See what they will say!!


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