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    Well, I won't bother you with the problems I had with my two previous Visors.
    However, my first unit had a properly fitting battery cover, a non-creaking case and - my subjective opinion - a better display.
    When I called CS for a replacement unit, I expressly asked for a *new* one. The CS guy said, sure, I will make sure you get a new one.
    What arrived today is - surprise! - another reconditioned unit with the badly fitting battery cover and the creaking case.
    So, has anybody asked for and/or received a *new* unit, means with better quality case and the new (golden-colored) screen?

    Your comments would be appreciated.


    BTW, it took them 2 workdays to deliver the replacement unit - not too bad...
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    Take a look at the topic "Extremely Poor Service to see what I went through to get my replacement.

    With that said, the unit I did receive appears to be new. It doesn't squeak or creak, the new battery cover fits better than the battery cover fit on my old one, and the screen is new.

    Michael A. Atkinson
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    Near as I can figure, the replacement I received today is a new unit. Nothing about it appears to have ever been touched by human hands. I also received the replacement in two working days

    oh well, nothing ever changes, does it?
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    I just received my replacement today. It looks brand new as far as I can tell.

    I was a bit bummed that they didn't ship it with a deluxe stylus, though...

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    I just got my replacement unit today, and It appears new. Strangely, it has a Palm insignia on the battery cover, which my old one didn't...

    Kevin Mitchell

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    I got an RMA number mid-Feb for a cracked case. mid-March I called back, and they gave me another RMA and FedEx'd me a replacement. As far as I can tell, this is a new unit, although there are some slight vertical scratches on the portion of the case behind the slot, as if someone had inserted a flash card a few times. Case creaks slightly, but so did my original one when received.

    So, I'm happy. I kept my old one for a week in case something happened to the new one (battery, screen, etc). But the new one, the screen was in perfect shape, no problems that I could see. They did include 2 Panasonic batteries, which I thought was a nice touch.

    All in all, I hope Handspring overcomes their slight quality control problems. Maybe come out with an aluminum case. But I'd have to say their efforts at keeping their customers happy exceeded my expectations. They didn't have to FedEx me the unit, but they did, and they prepaid the return. Very nice. Looking forward to future models!

    My Palm III battery cover didn't fit right. I got some plastic tak (that stuff you hang posters with, it's like silly putty) and put a dab between the batteries and the cover. That worked like a champ. The cover was solid. But opening it up sometimes loosened the batteries, which can be cause for alarm.
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    When my replacement unit was also faulty, I specifically asked for a new one and they complied very quickly. The new one is Revision B. It has a very nice tight fit and had the Plam logo on the battery door. The screen still looks green though, not "golden".
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    Can someone explain what the difference is between the 'green' screen and the 'golden' screen? Is one better than the other? I am buying a deluxe in a week or so, and I wanted to know if I should try for one or the other.....

    Thanks in advance for the advice,

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