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    Just thought I'd let you all know I got my new Visor Deluxe and modem in just five days. I ordered it last Thursday night on the web. On Saturday I saw the Visor at Best Buy and couldn't wait so I bought it. I came home and called and was told after 24 hours I could not cancel my order, just call for a RA# when the package arrives. Fed-x delivered my package today.

    I don't have to worry about returning the second visor because so many people at work were willing to take it off my hands when they saw the first one I bought. I don't think I could ever go back to not having my Visor!!!!! As a matter of fact I am posting this using my Visor and modem. It was so easy to set up.

    P.S. Even though it says on the online order form Handspring won't accept check/debit cards mine worked fine. Just check with your bank first to see what the maximum charge allowed is. If your total order is less than what your bank allows per charge, you'll be fine (assuming you also have the $$$$ in the account).
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    Just received my orange VDX today:

    Ordered: 4/7 online
    Shipped: 4/13 Standard
    Received: 4/18

    I'm in Maryland. Also, had absolutely no trouble setting up and hot syncing. Just used my Palm IIIx user name and everything, including ACT 2000 synched flawlessly (as far as I can tell). The USB modem is surprisingly fast!


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