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    Does anyone know where i can get a Visor Deluxe in the UK. I've looked for sites that deliver international but haven't found any. I really want a vistor and know that Handspring will start international orders soon but i'd like one now. Can anyone help? Please?
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    Here is Handspring's first international site.

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    Well, I did the cheat thing and got my cousin in the US (who started me off on this by showing me her visor at Xmas) to send me one... More seriously, I'd recommend waiting a couple of weeks. Handspring look like they're about to start shipping in the UK soon, and if you sign up to their shipping mailing list - as mentioned in the previous post - I imagine they'll allow pre-orders. Of course, since all electronics are more expensive in the UK than in the US, you might still be better off getting someone in the US to send you one...

    Personally, I'm looking forward to Handspring opening in the UK simply because it'll mean that I can finally get a serial cradle - I didn't read the instructions (ironic - I'm a technical author), and thought that since my NT box at work has USB ports I could just get two USB cradles... Mind you, my iMac took to the visor like a duck to water.

    Good luck!

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