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    I just cancelled my Visor Deluxe order through the Handspring Customer Care site and was told via Email that they can't cancell my order. They claim that I would need to accept the order then obtain an RA to return it. I have not received a shipment notice nor have they charged my credit card account.
    I get better customer service at the Registry of Motor Vehicles!

    This is nuts.
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    BP, If you look at past posts, this has been something Handspring has done since the beginning. Apparently, they cannot (I don't know why) retract an order once it has been place. Just so you know that this is not a new thing that they are doing. Maybe someone from Handspring will read this and they will suggest changing their computer systems so that people can cancel or change their orders.

    Deb Auld
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    As has previously been stated throughout this forum they have a poor business model viz cutomer service. One of Handsprings' messaging options is to cancel an order.
    I suspect Handspring has outsourced their warehouse/order/shipping fuctions or, they are using standing orders/recievables to value help their IPO.
    This morning I purchased a Visor Deluxe from Staples. In the end, I will probably keep the backorder and sell it to a friend who needs a PDA for ePocrates. If it ever comes.
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    Its seems once your order reach a certain stage in it processing it can not be cancelled. This being said, Handspring need to update there internal systems so that cancellations can be made right up until the order is shipped out.
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    I've said it before, but it just totally amazes me at the type of system they have set up in customer support.

    You'd think by now that they'd have actually upgraded to a system that works as opposed to using the chalk-board method they must be using now.

    I noticed that they finally have a page to contact support via email. Has anyone used it and actually gotten a response?

    What we need to do is find someone at handspring that would be willing to moderate one of these least let us know that they listen.

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