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    No idea if this is ok or not but....

    I just recieved my Treo 650 for Sprint and wish I could use it but Sprint wants me to pay a $250 activation fee.

    (short history here: I cancelled my old Sprint account early because I hated their customer service in 1999. So I guess they don't like me now.)

    So, I'm selling the Treo 650 w/Bluetooth Headset to you guys, if you want it! I'll even ship it for free. I could always put it on eBay and make a killing but I know someone on here would give it a good home.


    jayrunquist at mac dot com
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    It's okay, just post to the right forum. :-)
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    How much?
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    Well, I payed $599 through PalmOne.... so.....

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    Are you in the Bay Area, California? If so, I'm interested. -Katherine
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    I'm in Minneapolis, MN. Sorry!
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    Email me if you still have it I will buy ASAP


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    I was able to stop shipment from PalmOne before it arrived.... Sorry folks!!!

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