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    Does anyone know how long it should take once Handspring says they will ship a replacement Visor to Canada? I had a screen problem that tech support couldn't resolve. So they said they will send me a new one - I've been waiting a only a week but it feels like forever. US residents seem to get it in a day or two.
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    Sorry to be the bearer of bad news... but a friend of mine in Vancouver with a faulty IR on her Visor had to wait for 6 weeks! And she just got it recently a week ago, so it looks like we Canadians are low on their priority list...
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    Slightly off topic, but I just want to mention that if any Canadians want, I'm selling two items that take a while to deliver when ordered directly from the U.S.:

    1. I have the Handspring stylus 5 pack of which I still have some left; for sale at cost.
    2. I have an E&B Slipper case, unused and still sealed in bubble rap; for sale at cost.

    If anyone is interested in these items, please email me.

    Adam B
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    After waiting a week with no Visor (HS CS could not tell me when)I sent an email to the pres. I got a call the next day and the Visor arrived two days after that. However, the replacement Visor was a refurb and it also had problems. I called them again and they sent me a brand new VDx which I got within 24 hours (didn't know that was possible). Great service!

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