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    Well, I think I'm the victim of Handspring going retail. I placed an order online (2 VDx, 1 VSolo, 1 serial cradle, 1 case) on March 21 and it still has not shipped.

    Last Friday I called Customer Support and they said that the serial cradle and the case were backordered, but invoice was restocked at the beginning of each week and it should ship early this week. Today I called and they said that they were still catching up on orders placed by the March 20, but my order should ship by the end of the week.

    If it weren't for the Solo, I'd cancel the order and just go to Staples.

    Is anybody else waiting two or more weeks?

    Doug Harris

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    You are not alone. I ordered a Visor+ on 3/20 and recieved it on my doorstep on 3/23! On 3/27 I ordered a second Visor+ but have not seen it yet. Customer care will not approximate a ship window. Unfortunately, two days after ordering, the Visor became available at my local Staples. Handspring sent me an email stating they "credit authorized on 2000/03/27" my charge card?! I'll have to find out if I've been charged for this second order already.
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    I'm waiting too. I ordered on 3/18 a Deluxe with Serial, Stylus pack, Backup, Tiger Woods and so far NOTHING!!! I haven't found any of the springboards on retail, or the serial craddle for that matter, otherwise I would cancel in a heart bit.
    I hate them, I hate them, this is the second time they do this to me. Same thing happen back in September.
    Bunch of liers and slackers.
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    Y'know what doesn't help with all of this?

    If you visit Handspring's "Product Availability" page which supposedly shows items which aren't available, none of this stuff is shown as back-ordered.
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    Check out this link;

    I tried to cancel (they have a cancel order messaging option) my order after confirming that Handspring has not charged my credit card and this is their response:

    "Thank you for the response.There would be no way I can cancel order number 000xxx-xxxxxx because it is awaiting shipment. If you would like to return the visor when you receive it then call our sales line at 1-888-565-9393 and they will be happy to issue you a RA number to return the visor to us.I do apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you.Thanks again.

    Thank you,
    Handspring CustomerCare"

    I am assuming I pay shipping back to Handspring. I still have not recieved shipping confirmation.
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    I ordered a Graphite Visor Deluxe with Serial Cradle, Backup Module, Pen Stylus and extra ice Cradle on April 4th. I got a shipping message this morning (April 7th) that my order shipped yesterday. It was loaded on the FedEx van at around 8am, should be here today.
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    Same here. I got email confirmation today at 3:25AM and will get it today. Now I need to decide whether to return it or sell it. Three days ago I purchased one at Staples after cancelling my order with Handspring (see previous posts).

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