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    I ordered a Graphite VDX on 3/14 and received it 3/17. There were no out-of-box problems, or problems of any kind really. Unfortunately, on 3/21 I dropped it onto a concrete floor and the LCD shattered.
    When I called the company, they agreed to replace the LCD for free the 1st time, even though I admitted the problem was my fault. They shipped out a replacement unit, which I received 3/22. The whole process cost me nothing (except frustration at myself for breaking it in the first place).
    I remain very impressed and would not hesitate to recomment them to anyone.
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    That's great to hear! I just received mine today and was thinking "what if I drop it??"

    Delivery was 3 business days!!!
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    I placed an order for a Graphite Visor Deluxe with serial cradle and other accessories yesterday (April 4th) early in the morning.

    Got my shipping message this morning (April 7th) with FedEx tracking info. My shipment is on a van in Minneapolis and should show up today.

    In addition to the Visor I ordered a spare ice usb cradle, a pen stylus and a backup module.

    Perlina- what type did you order, and did you order anything else at the same time?

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    I bought mine at a Staples and love my BVD. Even though I didn't deal with HS directly, I think it is a great company which just happens to have some growing pains.

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