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    The online order form says "Tax will be added at time of shiping in CA, KY, MA, TX & WV". I guess this is either (a) due to local tax laws or (b) due to warehouses in these states.

    Does anybody know if all Visors ship from one place? Or does it differ depending on the destination?

    The next question, then, is whether service is faster from some states than from others...

    (those of you who have recently received visors, check your boxes and/or tracking info)
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    I have had 4 visors shipped to me...2 from california, 1 from west virginia and the fourth i believe came from texas.

    i'm not sure if it influences delivery times. FedEx is FedEx. As far as Order fullfillment, didn't really notice anything there either.

    Hope it helps.
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    UPS shipping takes about 3-8 business days depending on what state you are in. It seems most of Handspring's shipment is from California. If you choose Fedex Express shipping for an extra 3 bucks, you will gettting overnight no matter what state your in on the US mainland.

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