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    The good news:

    Ordered a Visor Deluxe on the 14th of March. Recieved confirmation of shipping on the 21st - exactly one week as they are promising. The product arrived in good condition the day after the confirmation as I had paid for express shipping.

    The not so good news:

    Customer support still has some kinks to work out. I called in looking to find out where the USB inf file was located as Windows couldn't find it on the initial install. I was hung up on three times. I finally found it (c:\windows\inf - for those who need to know) while I was on hold waiting for a rep to figure it out. He (and the other two reps I spoke with) should have known that stone cold right off the bat.

    I then recieved a error message when I tried to sync outlook. The rep I was speaking to told me that he would escalate the call to higher tier support and I could expect a return call in 3 to 5 *days*. I was floored. I told him I'd sooner send back the unit. He told me to go ahead, that that is all he could do.

    I hung up with him and then dabbled with the sync a bit and got it working. Turns out that Outlook simply needed to be open when I do a sync as my .pst file is password protected and this can cause an OLE failure.

    Another issue they should have known and had an answer to immediately as I'm sure I'm not the first human to attempt an Outlook hotsync on a password protected pst file.

    Other comments:

    The Pocket Mirror Outlook sync product that ships with the Deluxe unit produces a superb log file of issues present when you sync - where notes have been truncated, etc. It made it a snap to go in and edit records so they would "fit" nicely going from one platform to another.

    The USB option is *nice*. Whole lot faster then syncing off a serial port.

    The Pocket Mirror folks have a great website with answeres to just about any question one could have, even fully explaining how to edit and sync custom fields. Handspring should follow this excellent example and setup a simliar online knowledge base - it might help to alleviate some of the burden off the support guys.

    I decided to keep the unit, but did make a call to a supervisor in customer service to let them know in no uncertain terms that if this is the way they expect to support people, they can expect a fair amount of returns as the average Joe on the street will just give up and send the unit back if he/she can't get it working.

    To this supervisors credit, he seemed genuinely concerned about the problems I had had and told me they had just turned out a bunch of new guys so they are working through the kinks.

    I truly hope that Handspring can get their act together insofar as support goes. Without good (and hopefully soon toll free) support, the company is doomed. And I don't blame the support guys - the problems lies with them not receiving adequate training. On the same token being a bit green is no excuse for not being able to reference a knowledge base or upper tier support on the spot.

    After dabbling with the unit all night I have to say it meets my expectations about "so so". I just last week set up about 10 Palm V's for a client and although the V's are flashier looking, I hold high hopes for the upcoming springboard line. This is where the Visor can truly excel. How fast these products hit the market and how well they perform once they get there will have a great deal to do with the Visors success.

    It's nice to know I've got a full 8 megs of RAM to play with vs. the Palm V, though - which only has 2. I'm already down to about 6 after loading a bunch of apps and Avantgo (VERY nifty product I might add).

    Another note of concern is the stylus that ships with the unit - it has a kind of scratchy feel against the laminate the covers the writing surface. I can almost "feel" it scratching across the surface as I write. The supervisor I spoke with said to use a nonabrasive cleaner on the laminate - this seems to have helped some - we'll see. Hopefully I won't wind up with the dreaded scratches that others have mentioned here.

    I also ordered the Slim Leather Case. I had hoped it could replace my wallet. Not a chance. In spite of it not being able to handle more then 2 or 3 credit cards, its design appears cheap. I'm sending it back and I'll probably get a better one when they are available on the retail market.

    On a positive note the leather case that comes with the Visor Deluxe isn't all that bad as a stand alone case for the product. Nicely padded and a good tight fit.

    Well, that's my two cents - for what it's worth. As you can see, my feelings on the product are mixed. When I can slap in some exciting bluetooth, alphanumeric pager, gps or mp3 modules I'll be a happier camper.
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    Shipping experience very good.

    Ordered: March 18
    Received: March 21
    Express Shipping
    Ordered Blue Visor Deluxe. BTW, it did come with the deluxe ice stylus.

    Haven't had to deal with customer service yet. But so far so good.
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    I ordered my Ice VDX on 3/21. I was actually hoping I could track it and maybe, just maybe it would get here before the weekend (I ordered with express shiping). However, I haven't received a shipment confirmation number yet so it is unlikely.

    My only complaint in the ordering process (which went very smooth on the web), is that even though the handspring site claims that you can check Order Status, yuo really can only confirm that your order is in the system. It might be nice if it gave status updates (ie. Order Recieved, Sent to Warehouse, Picked for Shipment). I know this is nit-picky, but 7 "business" days is an eternity in net time....
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    Well, I got confirmation from Handspring this morning that they shipped my IVDX and received it at noon today! That was pretty darn quick since I placed the order on Tuesday 5 PM and got it on Friday.

    So... I was feeling a little cocky and took my new Visor to BestBuy and compared it to the Palm Vx. The screen is the same... all for for $150 bucks less. And the Visors features with the clock, calculator, and cool colored cases I think more than gives the Vx a run for its money. Also, I have heard a lot about the poor stylus that comes with the Visor. Mine seems pretty good. It is metal with a good tip (no plastic flashing) and when I unscrewed the tip it had a reset pit on the other side. Someone commented in another forum that they had to carry around a paperclip to reset. The cover is also different from others descriptions mine easily removes with one hand and snaps on the back side when in use.

    Overall... I'm very pleased!

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