I just want to share with you my great experience (so far) with Handspring:

Earlier this year, I decided to purchase my first ever PDA. After researching through numerous websites like VisorCentral, VisorVillage, CNET, etc., I decided that the Visor would be perfect for me. I am currently working in hospital administration, and I thought that getting a PDA a few months before I go to med school this fall would really help organize my life and studies (plus, as a first-time PDA user, I thought I needed a lot of time to train myself on how to efficiently use one).

I perfectly understood the shipping/product problems associated with Handspring, but like many people, I thought that the pros far outweighed the cons. I became so psyched about the Visor that I convinced my girlfriend to order one with me (also her first PDA).

I placed my order of the following on Tuesday, March 7:
Blue Visor DX + Serial Cradle, Orange Visor DX, 2 X Backup Modules, 1 USB cable, and 5-pack stylii--sent to me via the STANDARD shipping method.

I had read all the horror stories about various shipping problems on the message boards that should have convinced me to order via Express shipment or place separate orders for the 2 units. After all, I knew that my order would not have shipped until the all the items were ready (many have said that backup modules were backordered at the time); plus I live in New Jersey, and the Handspring warehouses are all in the West Coast.

Imagine my surprise when I received a confirmation email 3 days later that my order had been shipped. And after waiting for exactly a week (weekend + 5 business days), my order arrived Friday, March 17. That's 10 regular days from the time I placed my order.

Now not everything has been silky smooth--after playing around with the Visors, my girlfriend found out that she might have received a defective unit--the machine simply will not turn on unless she did a soft reset. Plus the batteries seemed to be draining at a much faster rate than mine--even though I have been using it more. But other than that, the unit worked fine.

As a result, I decided to place a call to technical support and braced myself for a long wait. I called them today around 11:00am EST, and the recording gave me a wait time of approx. 15 minutes. Well, less than 20 seconds later, a technician took my call. After describing my problem, he told me that I probably had a defective unit. After getting some admin info from me, he told me to call customer service (he refused to transfer me), and they would express me a replacement. Which I did. The whole process took less than 10 minutes.

Needless to say I am very satisfied (so far) with handspring, including their customer service. While some of my fears did come true (defective unit), it was taken care of in a snap. Everything else has been great.

So my advice to anyone reading this that are thinking about getting a Visor: go for it! Not everyone's experience is bad, as mine have proven.