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    The customer service at Handspring is a joke. I ordered a slim case and Flash module in late January. I received the Slim Case back on January 26. Immediately, I hated the case, as it could not close easily with credit cards inside it. I sent it back on Jan 28.

    On Feb 10 I received the Flash Module. I crashed many applications and sent that one back on February 14.

    As of today, March 9, I have not received a refund. I have spoken with customer service 6 times. (And how cheap is visor with a 716 area code) I have been told time after time I would receive a refund. I have been told a supervisor would call me. Well none of this has happened.

    Visor will NEVER be a top-flight company with the idiots working there. They may make a good product but with the staff they have, I think and actually HOPE they go under.

    IT IS UNETHICAL to hold a customer's money weeks after he returned the product. Oh well..I guess I pay the price in ordering from a loser of a company
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    Credits seem to be the only major issue that handspring needs to iron out at the moment. They seem to have gotten their act together with regards to orders and replacements, but they still have to address the credit issue. I hope you get your credit very soon.
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    I beg to differ. I can tell you that Customer Service has not gotten its act together. I have been waiting over THREE MONTHS for a replacement serial cradle. I love thier product bu the company sucks. Now that palm is flush with cash from their IPO I'm sure Handspring will end up as the "Betamax" of PDA's, especially if they don't get their Customer Service act together.
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    Three months is a long time to be waiting. Here si a tip. If you still have your serial cradle and still waiting for your replacement. Call Handspring CS as soon as possible and ask for a new RMA. Based on what people on the boards have been saying, you should get by about the end of the week.

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    Thanks Yardie. I took your advice. The CS Rep gave me a new RMA. He said it would take 2 weeks, but he would try to get it expedited as I had been waiting so long. I have my fingers crossed hoping it will arrive soon. I have 3 months worth of stuff to backup. I hope that alone doesn't fry the new cradle.
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    Yardie, You were right. Got replacement cradle by Fed Ex Friday Evening. Now I have to wait till Monday for the system administrator to re-load Handspring software onto my PC. Thanks for the suggestion. Maybe things are looking up for Customer Service (although I might still be waiting if it weren't for Visor Central!!) Thanks again for the tip.
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    I really have to disagree with the tenor of this thread. Customer service has improved incredibly. Several days ago I ordered a modem by phone. That day I got an e-mail confirmation of my order and this morning I received a confirmation that it had shipped, including the FedEx number. I buy lots of stuff on line and very few merchants are as good as that.
    I will say that my phone order was in lieu of an order for the modem I placed back in November. But that was when things were bad. When I called about the order, I was pissed, but the Customer Rep told me that I would just be better off just re-ordering rather than waiting for the old order. I listened to her and she was obviously correct.
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    I still think CS is hit or miss. It all depends on who you deal with and how persistant you can be.

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