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    Despite the apparent improvements in Handspring's CS, there are still kinks in the system to be worked out. Most of all, I find the service most bizarre.

    I placed an order on 17 Feb, and checked back 4 weeks later at 8 Mar. As many readers would know, HS messed up their orders on 16-17/2. At the advice of CS, I was told to make another order, and this time, it should ship by 1 week.

    I dunno if it is just me, but 8/3 was another day which HS had another cockup with their orders. Learning from previous experience, i have been calling them up almost every other day to make sure my order is processed smoothly. When it exceeded the 1 week promised time, i got pissed of and called them abt it. they told me shipping is in '7 working days'. So I waited until last Friday, the 17th. but still no shipping.

    I called them up yesterday, 21st to check on the status, and that was when I knew they had problems on the 8th. Furthermore, I was told shipping was attempted on the 20th but my credit card company declined the transaction.

    I quickly called my credit card company to sort out the problems, and it turns out to be some botched earlier transaction which they quickly cleared up. Following that, i called customer service to make another New order.

    And most bizarrely, they told me my things were shipped on the 17th, and gave me a UPS tracking number.

    It was signed and delivered yesterday afternoon. UPS tracking service verified they received the consignment on 17th.

    I don't get it. It seems like the accuracy of the information and the quality of service depends on whom you speak to at CS.

    i think as customers, knowing all the earlier problems HS had in the past few months, we don't expect ALL expect to be as lucky as some posts to receive their orders in a few days.

    However, i think it is not unreasonable that CS advises us on what is happening exactly. And HS should pull up its socks on its email system abt informing ppl when they have problems with their orders etc.
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    I, too, had the same experience as you. I am just glad my Visors are working properly and I hope I never have to deal with them again. Or, if I do have problems in the future, hopefully they will have their act together. Right now, it is "hit or miss".

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