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    Just got off the phone with CS. I asked why my order which was placed on 2/17 has not shipped. First, she said maybe the backup modules are on back order. I told her i didn't think so as other people on this board have sated they ordered the backup module after 2/17 and have already received them. Then she put me on hold and said "I've talked to my supervisor" (I've heard that one before)and there seems to have been "a glitch " on 2/17 that messed up orders placed that day.

    Did anyone place an order for any handspring product on that day and have you received it.

    Personally, I think I'm getting the runaround.
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    Nope...we are in the same boat....Seems as if the "system" had an 'oops' on the 17th and they are going back and trying to rebuild it. Good thing I ran off a copy of my original order since I NEVER GOT E-MAIL CONFIRMATION.
    I've made two calls to find out what the status of my order was...first call was 2/25 ~ 1 week after the order was placed because I didn't get the verification (I was told that the serial cradle was on backorder so they would ship my full order when it came in)...Second was a week following (3/3) when I was told about the system screw-up.

    I'm SUPPOSED to wait...

    My "Blue" is new....
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    I ordered on Feb.16 and still have no Visor for my wife. I just got off the phone with CS and I'm glad I'm in a good mood. They told me quote: "I have no idea why your Visor was not shipped". They said they would send a message to the warehouse but they could NOT call me back tomorrow to let me know if it is being shipped!
    My wife is about to steal my Visor, she thinks this is all my fault!
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    Sounds like Handspring has a glitch in their system around February 16th and 17th.... I hope they fix they the problem and you all get your visors soon.
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    this is all about me! so that's what she meant...

    i finally got a hold of a CS manager today, but was only able to leave a message. she left me back a VM saying that the orders got messed up for that day (when I ordered mine) but that the problems should have all been taken care of and shipped out this past friday. she said she didn't know why mine wouldn't have shipped and she'd check on it and get back to me.

    i'm still waiting for a call, let alone my visor...this really pisses me off...i've been so patient and understanding...(see "orange visor" thread)

    as i stated in another post, let's start a "2/17" support group...

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    its a good thing I checked this forum.

    I placed an order for a graphite and blue Vdx. I received no email confirmation but checked the website and found it is in the system.

    When i called to check the status a week later, I was told that the Blue Vdx was backordered and I should wait a few more days.

    I called them yesterday again and was told that my order is in the warehouse awaiting shipment. I have yet to receive an email confirming shipping. I can only keep my fingers crossed.
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    I called CS again yesterday and they told me "All Visor DLX in all colors are now backordered." He then told me to wait until Friday, and if no Visor, call back.
    Here's where it gets good...
    This morning I got an email comfirmation that it has been shipped and on it's way. In 12 hours they solved the backorder problem! I can picture it now.....After my call yesterday, they felt so bad they slaved all night building my Visor with tin foil and chewing gum........
    When are these guys gonna get this right?
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    Arrived at work this morning and was greeted by an e-mail confirming my order has shipped. If I wasn't so satisfied with the product I would not purchase another handspring product because their CS is horrible. All I want to know is that my order was received, an honest answer to my questions,and a way to check the status of an order. Handspring CS failed with this order. But, I'm hooked . . . damn!
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    It gets even weirder....The Visor has just arrived. Just hours after I recieved the email notice of shippment.
    I can not agree more with MGB and the comments above. What a great product, but horrible organization, communication. I would hate to see them keep this up and blow it. What a waste that would be.
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    Yea the communication and organisation at handspring definitely needs some fixing. But like I said before in previous posts, things will only get better not worse. I am sure that handspring is well aware of what os going on and is taking steps to fix them.
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    This is ridiculous

    After reading about this glitch. i quickly called up CS to clarify. was told to make another order via phone. This was on the 8th. And until now, I have not received my order, despite the fact that it has been 'awaiting shipping' since Monday, 13th.

    Question is, if you guys received yr order on the 8th, why did CS make me place a new one then?.

    And why did they promise shipment on Friday, 17th when I called them on Thursday (in 24 hrs they said), with such assuredness, and became defensive and ignorant when I called on Friday evening to question why my order is still not being shipped?

    And there seems to be no way I could know the what is going on. If there are any glitches or anything.

    Following the posts on this forum, I know I cannot ask the sky from CS. Yet they were able to weave excuse after excuse (like the backorder story). I feel conned.

    Its only when they run out of excuses, like yesterday when everything they promised did not materialise, did they suddenly become ignorant.

    Its bad enough that CS is not being very helpful, its worse when they try to lead people on.

    I hope Handspring is monitoring these posts.

    I don't believe I am an unreasonable person, for I don't expect my Visors to beam in front of me right now.

    But I don't want empty promises either.

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