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    Ordered my graphite VDX *late* Sunday night (2/27), got it today before noon, even though I'd been told it would be a week before it shipped. No complaints so far!
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    Ordered Monday afternoon. FexEx arrived Wednesday. Too bad I wasn't there. Didn't get it til Thursday.

    No complaints!
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    Mabey I should have one of you guys order mine for me then over nite it to LA..2/27 eve? Same time as me, they said at least another week after I called to hear that they had to re prosses my order.
    Guess Im just jealous.[
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    I ordered my IVD last Tuesday. It was shipped on Saturday by FedEx and arrived Monday afternoon.
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    Ordered my deluxe on 3/6 receieved today the 9th!!! Awesome..should not have opened up at work as I seem to be playing too much!!!!
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    Well, just placed my order for a BVDX. I got the confirmation email from them. I am now hoping it doesn't take a long time!
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    Ordered a BVD very late on March 7th. Just got email saying it shipped and will be here March 10th.

    I must say I am extremely happy since after reading some of the posts here I was scared it would be weeks, expecially since I used a Visa check card to order (web page says they don't accept those).

    Now heres hopeing for an undamaged fully functional BVD! Wish me luck...
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    I ordered my OVD on Friday, March 10th at 6:30pm and it arrived today, Tuesday, March 14th at 2:30p.m!! It would have arrived even sooner had the package not missed a FedEx pick-up by a mere 4 minutes at the airport (so sayeth the FedEx tracking info).
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    Bought blue VisorD on Friday March 10 at 2pm, received on Tuesday March 14th a little after 1pm. Express. Now to see if I got the ice deluxe stylus. I hope so because I don't want to have to scratch my screen the first day. If I were to bet, I would say it would have the new stylus.
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    I called Saturday about the crack on the springboard slot. They told me they would send out a replacement. I also asked if I could send back the Hanspring case that I purchased since I thought this was causing the problem. He said to send them back together.
    At 3:00 pm today (Tues. 3/14) I received my replacement! Now I just have to monitor my checking account and make sure they credit my case.
    I received the standard stylus with it. I just put it in the slot of the Visor I'm returning. The Visor looks new, I don't know if I got a refurbished one or not.

    Deb Auld
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    I did get the new Ice deluxe stylus with my BVD. (I think I like calling it my Blue Visor better ) It looks like all the new Blue ones have been changed. Gotta go play with my new toy, er visor, during my lunch hour.
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    You said "It looks like all the new Blue ones have been changed."

    Changed how??

    Mine is cracked also and if they have changed the case design/construction I will make the effort to get it replaced.


    Craig Hook

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