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    I just received my replacement Visor. The CSR told me to write the RMA number on the box, but there is already an RMA sticker affixed to the outside of the box. There is also an unused RMA sticker included inside of the box. What am I supposed to do with this sticker? The instruction leaflet that's included with the replacement has a picture showing one sticker on the inside cover and another on the outside front panel of the box, but it doesn't state explicitly that I am supposed to affix the unused sticker to the inside cover. What did you, who received replacements, do with this return shipment?

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    I wrote the RMA number on the shipping label on the box that I sent back; I attached one RMA label to the outside of the box, to ship it back, and I threw the other one away.

    If you are really nervous, you can toss the remaining label in the inside along with the item you are sending back.


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