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    I had place my order on the website lastnight and called CS today after noticing that for some reason my order was sent via Standard Shipping. I know I selected Express, but don't know how it changed. I called them at 6:00pm EST today and was on hold for a total of 35 seconds before speaking to a live person. He pulled up my order number and informed me that it was packed and tagged for UPS pickup on Monday. He stated that he wasn't able to change the shipping method, but I should get it between 3 and 5 days.

    After all the problems I have read about, this was very impressive to me.

    Way to go Handspring. I hope that this forum is one of the reasons for their improvement.

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    Sorry to burst your bubble, but you won't get your order for another 7 business days or so. Thats how long it takes to travel from California to New Jersey. When you r order is awaiting shipment, there is nothing that Handspring CS can do to change it because by then its too far into the pipeline.

    Just so you know...
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    I live in the east cost. Handspring sent me a replacement unit and it came in three business days. (So I guess that that bubble is still intact).

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    Handspring sends out its replacement by Fedex two dau I believe not UPS ground (like Mrbudman's order). Futhermore, replacements are sent out from Kentucky, not California.
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    It was shipped last night!!!!! I have the tracking number!!!!!!
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    I just wanted to let anyone that is thinking of purchasing a VDX that the CS really has improved! I have called them over 5 times in the last week. The longest time I was on hold was today for 2 minutes. The CS Rep was able to provide me the tracking number, and even rambled off the exact order and when my account had been charged. Way to go HS!

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