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    I hate to even ask this question, becuase I feel like an *****... but when I was ordering my Visor (Ice Deluxe), I kind of didn't notice the "Shipping" drop down box, so I ordered it standard. I ordered it Tuesday night (the 29th) and since I did not recieve it today, I obviously will not be getting it in 3 days. But... is there anyone out there that ordered standard by accident? That could maybe tell me how long it took for theirs to arrive? It says it will add 3-8 days to the shipping, and i really hope it won't because I WANT MY VISOR...... ARRRRGHHH!!! oh wait. Sorry. umm anyway thanks a lot. (and when I get it, I will add my info to the log)


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    No, there is one other stupid person out these. A guy at work was saying it was 7 days and no visor...I asked about shipping and he chose standard cuz express was 3 moore bucks...
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    The shipping time depends one where you live. The further away from the West Coast you are the longer it will take to get to you. It takes about 8 business days to travel via UPS ground to the east coast. If you live in California, it takes about 2 days by ground.
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    aahhhhhhh!!! 8 days??? KD: actually I didn't do this becuase I'm cheap (hey, I just spent 300$ on the visor and the writerights, 3 bucks extra would be worth getting rid of EIGHT DAYS....) I'm just stupid. and yardie: thanks for the info. I live in michigan, which is ABOUT as far as you can get from the west coast. grrr.. i don't think i can last 8 days. well thanks , if anybody out on the east coast got it faster than that please tell me

    oh yah also... do they ship it UPS ground? because I checked UPS, and they said A) it would take 4 days, guaranteed and B) they DO ship on weekends. But on Handspring's site they say A) 3-8 days from delivery (BTW I have already gotten the email saying that they sent it, so thats 3 days.. pretty impressive) and B) weekends dont count. Who knows....

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    I ordered mine on the 21st, shipped on 23 and I revieved it on March 1st. So about 8 buisness days from order date and 6 days from ship date to make it to Georgia. Love it so far and no problems.
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    Back in the olden days when I ordered my Visor, we waited 6 weeks or more and we LIKED it!

    Just trying to put things in perspective. Hang in there. It'll be worth it.
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    my friend Jason waited ten weeks for his, and he ordered express.. at the time, I didn't know anything about the Visor, and I was like "WHY did you pay 3 bucks extra, its just gonna make it come in 10 weeks instead of 10 weeks and 5 days!!" But now I know exactly what he's talking about. Its been 5 days... and my entire family's already mad at me because I won't shut up about it.

    Axeman, that's just what happens to the early adopters; I'm sure that when it comes out in retail, we'll be whining about how long it takes for the credit card to scan so we can GET OUT OF THE STORE AND USE OUR VISORS!!!! ahem. yah.
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    I also ordered a Visor deluxe on 2/28 and did not spring for express shipping. I am know impatiantly waiting for my Visor to come! I'm like a kid on Christmas eve!!!
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    aaayyman, brutha. Tell me when you get yours, we'll see how much longer it takes in Michigan than Alabama.
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    I ordered standered and got mine in 11 days.......not bad for handspring
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    Michigan eh PaQ? Where in? I'm in lansing and I'm loving the 74 degree weather here.
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    ann arbor (dexter, small town outside of A2) i looooooooooooove it. TWO full days of actually being able to wear shorts. but its supposed to rain tomorrow and snow friday. so, no visor so far... but it got to toledo at 1:36 this morning. i really hope its here by friday
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    It is here! It came on march 9, but i was out, so the UPS guy brouh=ght it this morning. This is a neat tool/toy. i think I'm going to enjoy this thing very much

    Kenny G.
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    GOT IT TODAY!!! AHHH!!! I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!! sorry I'd write more but I'm going to go play with it some more.
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    I ordered Wednesday (the 8th) an I'm JONESIN'! for my Blue VDx! (Although my wife my get the Blue & I may go Orange - jury's still out) If I had bothered to look at the price diff I may have forked over the xtra 3 bones for xpress shipping, but I dunno, it's often just as fast the cheap way. Still, CAN'T WAIT to get it. I'm gonna go in the office on Sunday to see if (by chance) it arrived Sat.
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    PaulD: if you are as anxious as I was, you can call up Handspring's 888 number (its on their site) and ask for a UPS tracking #. I had NO hold, and the guy was VERY friendly, he got the number immediately, and he was nice enough to actually go on the website and check it for me. SO you take that number, enter it into UPS' site, and it'll tell you where it is. Have fun waiting, trust me its worth it.

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