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    I ordereded a Visor tonight using a Visa card that draws from my checking account, even though the web page says it does not accept these. I am kind of curious though, how would the company know the differance? The card is a still a Visa card that I have used many times as a Visa card. And why wouldn't handspring accept it? As long as they get paid why does it matter? The more I read about this company the more I wonder about them. A lot of their practices seem strange.

    Anyway has anyone else tried using a Visa cash card? Did it work? Thanks...
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    I had also heard that the Debit cards did not work at Handspring but I wasn't convinced that there was actually any thing different with them. I used my debit card to order my IVD sometime in February and it worked fine. It only took 4 days for me to receive it. Funny thing though, I got it before my debit card showed that it had been charged.
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    I've ordered from Handspring on three separate occasions using two different (MasterCard-associated) debit cards, and have had no problems whatsoever.
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    There is a difference between the two. Although Handspring cannot tell the difference by looking at the number the difference is how the bank handles charges to the account. There are places that a debit card will not work, for example debit cards cannot be used in a credit card activated phone.

    This is not to suggest that Handspring will not accept them but I have heard that some have had problems using a debit type card. It will probably depend on the policies of your bank with regards to the payment of charges and charge limits.

    If you already used the debit card be careful and keep tabs on your order. If it takes longer that a week or so then there probably was a problem. Then try and change to a traditional card. (Good Luck!)
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    I tried twice to use my Visa debit card and both times got an email verifying the order and then withing 24 hours another email saying that the order did not go through becasue the card could not be validated (or something like that, I don't remember the exact wording). Anyway, I used a legit card and got my BVXD within 5 days (including a weekend and holiday). Ordered it on Thursday 2/17 and it arrived on Tuesday 2/22. I ordered it standard and by the by it came USPS.


    Craig Hook
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    It turned out my card worked. My Visa checking card will not work as a debit card when I have tried it as such in local stores. Only as a Visa card. That may be the differance.

    So I recieved my visor today and besides the cheap case I ordered I am very happy with it.

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