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    I just placed my first order thru Handspring today and here's what I got:

    Blue VDX + Serial Port, Orange VDX, USB cable, 2 Backup Modules, and 5-pack stylus.

    Since some of these items might be backordered (as evidenced by several posts on this board), do you think it will take me forever to receive these items? I hope not; this is my first PDA ever and I'm really looking forward to getting it. I guess I shouldn't have batch my order with my girlfriend's to save on shipping.

    Another question: did anyone experience problems ordering thru their website? I got to the part where I input my address but could not go any further--the screen just turned blank after I submitted that info. I had to order by phone.
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    It may take a little while longer than normal to get your order because of all the stuff that you have batched. However, I can't see it taking longer then about 1.5 weeks.

    The problems you had with ordering on the web may stem from the fact that the site was overloaded (i.e too much traffic), at the time you attempred to place your order.
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    You are so screwed....Not to be negative, but Handspring has a problem filling the easy orders. You will be lucky to see any of the things you ordered.
    I hope Handspring proves me wrong...for your sake.
    (Again, sorry for being so negative. I just went through an order nightmare. Remember: It will be worth the wait)
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    I think that people are freaking over nothing. I ordered 2 BVD, 1 OVD, and 3 of the stripped down 2mb visors and received all 6 of them in the same order within 4 days of placing the order. I was expecting it to take 4 weeks, so I was extremely pleased with their work!
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    I ordered a Visor + case 2 weeks ago via web page. I called today to check on the was "rejected" the same day I ordered it. No phone call no email nothing. Am I negative? Do I expect too much?
    Mabey you should call each day, thats what the gal on the phone told me is the best way to go.
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    Thanks to all for your feedback. I called Handspring to check on my status and the CS guy said that my order is "at the warehouse, awaiting shipment."

    I guess that's good news--maybe I'll get my order soon!
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    I order my VDX last Friday and it came today. I was expecting a couple of weeks also, especially after hearing others stories.
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    Update on my order: received email from Handpsring early this morning (3/10, 3:00 AM) confirming that my order has been shipped! That's less than a three-day turnaround. I was really leary of my order shipping on time, considering the many items I ordered, but now realize that my fears are unwarranted.

    With standard shipping, I hope to get my visor sometime next week. Can't wait
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    Great news Jedi!
    I guess Handspring has been getting thier s#@*& together. Glad to hear yours is on the way. Be sure to post when you recieve them.

    Eating my hat in San Jose.

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