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    I'm one of the fools that ordered two, one from Sprint and another from Palm One. I will not open the box. For $650 I'll use FEDEX Super Saver, which usually ships within 3 days or you can pay an additional $15 for FEDEX overnight.

    I do have a verified paypal account and an ebay account if you would like to check my perfect feedback (133 positives, 0 negatives).
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    is this in your hands?
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    I'll know in about an hour. PalmOne says they've shipped it, but haven't provided the fedex tracking info. It's either at my house today or I'll receive it tomorrow. Either way, I could ship Tuesday for Wednesday delivery if one chose to pay the $15 extra for overnight.
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    Am I crazy or is this way overpriced?
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    It's $651 give or take a buck to order overnight from Sprint. This is how much I paid for the one I'm using. However, no one has any in stock for new purchase. I just want to break even.

    To answer your question, it's overpriced if no one buys it.
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    I'll have it today by 3:00 via FEDEX.
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    Where would it ship from?
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    Jacksonville, Florida
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    I was going to put a photo I took of the unopened box. If anyone wants this proof let me know and I can email it. Local Fedex closes at 3:30 pm. You could get it tomorrow.
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    2:30 pm East Coast Pending
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    Quote Originally Posted by Magohn
    Am I crazy or is this way overpriced?

    Here's my cost. I paid $651. It cost me $20 for paypal, and $32 for Fedex overnight. I received $665. The net is $613 or a loss of $38. This does not include my time/effort.

    Was it worth it? No. But, I did get my first 650 several days ago so I've enjoyed that. For the buyer, he may or may not respond again to this thread, I would think he's satisfied. He got the 650 well ahead of most, even people who preordered it.
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    recieved treo today thanks man!!!

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