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    I have to believe that the Handspring people at least glance at some of the postings on VisorCentral. These postings are comprised of the most hardcore fans of the Visor and we know what were talking about.
    Well, here is a forum for you to say EXACTLY what you want the Handspring people to hear. Just think of this as the one place the Visor Company can look at each day to stay on top of what's going on out here away from Handspring Land. Only list your biggest beef or your best compliment.
    My #1 complaint: Customer service. I have had the worst time dealing with them on order and shipping problems. ( I know, I have ordered 2 Visors)
    I could only imagine a company trying to order the Visor in mass quantities...Nightmare.
    Handspring: Are you listening? Take care of your CS problems.
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    I am pretty sure handspring is reading and taking notes. Some companies pay good money to get the customer feedback thats left here everyday at VisorCentral.
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    Visorfreak: If you read the threads carefully, you will stumble over a member that says what Handspring will be likely to do or not, from a third party's angle, mostly in a "I am sure Handspring will do this or that soon" - way. This member posts smoothing replies at almost exactly those moments when the comments become bad mooded.
    Guess who is it ?

    regards, EN

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