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    I'm in the market for a PDA and have been 'commited' to the idea of a Visor for almost a month now. Finally talked my wife into getting two of them, but later discovered that we can't get access to them b/c of this whole business about not shipping to Canada.

    As a result, I'm feeling disappointed and seriously considered buying a Palm IIIx yesterday to ease my sorrows.

    I was really hooked by the idea of the Visor's infinite expandability, as well as the cost differential (cost is a factor for me) between it and the Palms. However, I find my resolve to wait for HS to get their international shipping/ordering act together is waning, especially since I can't imagine which HS modules I'd ever need to buy, and b/c the Palm IIIx is available now in stores.

    Should I bother to wait the few months it will likely take HS to get going?
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    I still haven't decided between the VDX or a Palm IIIXE or VX. I live in the states so I could easily order the Visor or buy the Palm devices. I think if I were in your position I would definately take the Palm route. I think I personally will do the same thing, though I go back and forth everyday.
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    Handspring should be shipping to Canada again in a matter of weeks. This according to their web site. Its worth the wait IMO. By then some of the goodies (modules etc) should be out as well.

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