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    one day after i recieved my visor, i realized that the writing area had many scratches on it. i thought i was being gentle, but apparently not. i've written on my friend's visor and palms several times and this hasn't haappened to theirs. is this just me, and what can i do about it in terms of returning policies and/or screen protectors? Someone please help me.
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    Hi -- I am really sorry, but I think that I have some real bad news and a little good news for you.

    BAD NEWS: You can't fix a scratched screen. Once it is scratched, it is done.

    Good News: This isn't your fault. You didn't write too hard. You did nothing wrong.

    The issue is that the stylus that came with your Visor is defective. There has been a lot of talk on this site about it. Many styli have come with a sharp edge on them that scratches the screen. People have ordered styli from other companies, notably that are designed with a better tip.

    I don't know if anyone has successfully called HS and complained and gotten them to replace the screen.

    You might want to call them and try.

    good luck,
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    You might want to check out the troubleshooting section. Lots of people have had problems, and have gotten replacement units or screens. I haven't had a problem personally, but I was lucky enought o read some posts on the subject before I received my first Visor and took proactive steps. I'm still new at this discussion site thing, I know there is a way to provide a link to specific posts on subjects because I've seen it done, but I am lame and ignorant on the method or I would provide a link to one.
    Good Luck
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    Handspring will gladly replace your unit if you want. Just give their customer service a call and tell them what happen. You get a replacement in about 10 biz days .

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    I think some people have a tendency to write harder than others and will scratch the screen. The only way to avoid this is to try to write with less force on your stylus, but a lifetime of writing is hard to forget. Also, scratches are made when there is a film of grease and dirt on your screen and you use your stylus. The dirt comes from your pocket, jacket lint, etc. There isn't much anyone can do about it, unless you were to clean your screen everyday, and the act of cleaning it would probably scratch it. I say live with a few scratches and enjoy your visor.
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    Try this ... it has been mentioned before.

    Since most of the scratches occur in the Graffiti area, cut a piece of #811 Scotch Removable Magic Tape (blue box) to size and it fits perfectly height-wise. Very inexpensive and effective, and you can get it from any office supplies store.
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    I tried the ScreenClean by Tim offered at Palmgear, didn't take out the scratch however it made it less obvious, but you can still see it from an angle and it keeps the screen shiny. Some have used Turtle wax, don't know if someone really used this and worked, if so can anyone tell us if Turtle was really worked out of the bottle? Or dp we have to dilute the Turtle wax just not to damage the screen. The screen clean felt and smelled like a liquid wax though.

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    It's not Turtle Wax that you want to use, but Auto Polishing Compound, made by Turtle Wax. There's been a lot of posts about using Turtle Wax, but a wax will not eliminate scratches. Scratches are engraved into the surface and have to be smoothed out. A wax may fill them in but won't take them down. I found that Polishing compound (comes in a greeen tin, looks like a white paste, and feels a bit gritty), applied to a slightly damp cloth and rubbed carefully over the screen can reduce scratches on the Visor so that they are almost invisible.

    You can follow the polishing compound with a bit of wax if you want to, the wax will then protect the screen a bit from further scratches.

    There are other polishing compound / scratch removers that may also work, some have used cd scratch remover liquid, but I found that Auto Polishing Compound (made by turtle wax) works the best.
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    Write-rights work wonders too Buy em at any best buy for only 25 bucks. Wow what a life saver but has anyone else had problems getting them on straight? It takes me around 10 tries to align the top with the WR. Oh well maybe I'm uncoordinated
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    Certainly the BEST solution is to put some kind of screen protector on the face of your visor. I did a search on this site for "vinyl" and got a whole bunch of ideas on using vinyl to create a screen protector. The best advice I saw came from a link to

    This is THE page with information on making screen protectors from everything from sheet vinyl to transparency film. I went to a fabric store, and bought 1/4 yd of 54" wide 8 gauge vinyl. That is enough to make bunches of screen protectors. It cost $.64 That's a lot cheaper than WriteRights, and you make them yourself. You can even screw a bunch up and still not be worried.

    So, that's my suggestion. It also hides whatever scratches you have on your screen, and gives you a "new" lease on life.

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    Got mine today. With all the posts about scratches, I carefully checked my stylus and it feels very smooth. When I started using the stylus it did not feel very smooth on the screen.

    So I checked my Palm Professional stylus and it felt the same on my visor. I had my palm for many years without a single scratch.

    Now I applied some rainX on it and it feels great.
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    A friend of mine is using the panche thingy or whatever it is called and he also has scratches.

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