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    I ordered my Visor on Monday, express delivery and the whole bit.
    My credit card was charged on Tuesday.
    I still haven't seen FedEx..
    I'm having a tough time being patient, especially when I see other people who ordered theirs on the same day as I received it on Wednesday.
    My credit card was charged, so they SHOULD have shipped it, and with express, it SHOULD have been there the next day by 3pm... RIGHT?

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    Give Handspring's CS a call. They may be able to give you a tracking number. The sooner the better. There might have been an error in your order or on the part of Handspring.
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    It arrived today!

    Now I know why I was having such a tough time waiting for this thing.
    Better than I imagined!!!
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    hey nos4ah2

    may i ask what color your visor is? not orange, i suppose?

    in fact, can anyone tell me if they've ordered an orange deluxe, and if they've received it yet?

    we have quite a debate going on on the "orange visor" thread...=)


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    Nope. Not Orange. ICE.

    *Becoming addicted*

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