When my 650 arrives from Viennachannels, I will be selling my Sprint Treo 600. This is a new Sprint replacement I received in in Sept 04 (warranty date 8/1/04, not a refurb). Phone is than 3 months old in pristine condition! Includes orig box, manual, CD, earset. Now ready for this? Also included in the deal is a Lexar 256 MB SD card and my ultimate cradle with the following features:

*2.5 and 3.5 audio out jacks on back of cradle which allows you to plug in a headset, stereo headphones, or output to home or car stereo.

*Sync and charge via the same USB connector.

All for $475 plus $15 shipping (1 Sprint Treo 600 3 mos old, 1 ultimate cradle, 1 Lexar 256 MB SD card)

PM or e-mail me in interested.

Oh yeah, one more thing included:
OEM PalmOne stylus/reset tool with a pen added (refillable)

The above package will offer you enhanced user experience not available to most Treo users out there.