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    I dropped visor this morning, now have long diagonal crack in screen. Unit powers up, buth no response from screen or graphitti area.

    I called tech support and waited 25 min. to no avail. I tried toll free # on another line and got thru to live tech in about 1min.

    Tech would not commit to replacement time said it could be a couple of days or weeks!

    Well the wait begins again! I will keep you posted if anyone needs to know.

    Sad for Now!

    Brian S
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    15 days and counting for replacement!

    I called 800 # and they could not bring up my record for replacement. CSR said he would escalate my case and refer to supervisor. He promises an email response in 5 days -

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    My replacement visor dx arrived 2-21-00!

    Seems ok, had to soft reset to get sync to happen. I am real glad I had BackupAll, saved all my programs and hacks!!

    Regards B
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    Which 800 # did you call? The one I called had nothing like that level of helpfulness from the person on the other end...
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    Well, I tried calling a different number: Customer Care vs. Technical Service. They were kind enough to check warehouse status and route a rush request over to shipping after realizing the delay. Still no ETA, but I've been told I'll be emailed once they find out anything.

    I still don't understand why the Technical Services folks can't either: a) get this info themselves or b) know enough to forward folks with shipping issues to Customer Care. This bespeaks a certain lack of coordination between Handspring's service sectors. If they're serious about an IPO, this issue really needs to be addressed...

    More news as it comes.
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    Hope you don't wait too long, mine was about 20 days. I think they send replacements out in waves or batches. So timing is everything.

    Don't hold your breath on e-mail, I never got one and was told on 2 occasions some supervisor would respond!

    Good Luck - B

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    Well, I did not get any email from the (mythological?) supervisor, but today I did finally get my replacement. Huzzah! Only 5 days short of a month from the time I called in.

    Ah well, better late than never.
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    Erk... double post, sorry.

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    Great, glad your back in v action!

    How did you break screen and did they charge you for replacement? I think there is 90 day warranty on glass.

    Regards Brian
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    Apparently Handspring is replacing all visor with broken LCD screens...for now... that could change anytime though because the one year warranty does not cover cracked screens, unless od course it was damaged during shipment.
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    Yeah, while this was within the 90-day period , I was still expecting to have to pay for the LCD replacement. But even after I told the service rep that *I* dropped the unit, he said nothing about payment for repair or warranty deductible or any similar charge. He did check the purchase date, so perhaps the first 90 warranty covers *everything*... even owners experimenting with ways to carry the unit. It's probably also good PRPRPR $for$ $them$ $while$ $they$'$re$ $starting$ $up$... $it$ $will$ $be$ $interesting$ $to$ $see$ $if$ $this$ $is$ $going$ $to$ $be$ $a$ $standard$ $policy$. $Or$ $perhaps$ $it$'$s$ $at$ $the$ $whim$ $of$ $the$ $agent$ $answering$ $the$ $phone$?

    At any rate, I'm extremely grateful; one certainly can't fault the generosity of Handspring Tech Support/Customer Service.
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    Originally posted by br1ans:
    How did you break screen ...
    Ooops! Didn't answer this very clearly. The way I broke it is it came off my belt. My homemade carry method was to attach one of those swivel clips that everybody's using on commercial cases(you can get the kits at Sprint for clipping cell phones) on the front of the snap-on case that comes with the Handspring. (I'd never seen any cracks, so I'm not sure whether I just got a durable Visor or what.)

    This method worked great... except that certain types of lateral pressure could detach the Visor from the hard case. In retrospect if I'd worked out a more positive retention system on the top end (say, a rubber band) it probably wouldn't have been a problem. I actually had a better case on order, but pushed my luck with the homebuilt and paid the price.

    Oddly enough, it had come off my belt a few other times and fallen from my truck onto parking lots several times (evil seatbelts!) without any ill effects. Apparently bathroom linoleum is harder stuff...

    At any rate, I've learned my lesson. I got the Handspring belt clip case, but have since put an order in on a Rhodian (sp?) padded case. The ballistic nylon matches the belt sheath for my multiplier/flashlight combo, and I like the idea of my "second brain" protected on all sides.
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    Jim Foster:

    There is no warranty for broken LCD. According to Handspring CS, it costs $75.00 to repair a broken screen. Right now though, Handspring is waiving all charges. This will change though when their return/repair processes are fully set up. Right now it is a lot easier for them to just replace units with broken LCD screens (at no charge) rather than repair them.

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